Beyond the main course

I recently bought a copy of the original 1972 Joy of Sex from one of those guys selling used books and porn magazines along Sixth Avenue. Walking towards the table, I recognized the cover immediately and nabbed it for $4.00, hardly breaking my stride. My favorite thing about it, besides those great line illustrations of hairy hippie chicks in knee high boots, is the terminology. So if we have sex at some point and I shout out “You like buttered buns* don’t you, baby!” you should know what it means. There’s also…

feuille de rose: tongue stimulation of the anus
mouth music: extended pussy-kissing (also known as gamahuche)
goldfish: two naked people tied and put on a mattress together to make love fish-fashion, i.e. no hands
postillionage: putting a finger in or on your partner’s anus just before orgasm
Serbian intercourse: mock rape (kind of sounds like a bad joke)
motorcycle: considered a “venue” for sex. It “combines the symbolism of the horse (which also has an entry) with leather gear, danger and acceleration.”
viennese oyster: woman lies on her back and crosses her feet behind her head
cassolette: the natural perfume of a clean woman

There’s also this very complicated garment developed by the Scandinavians called a grope suit. I don’t know where I can get one, but I want it.

* a woman who has recently had relations with another man.


One thought on “Beyond the main course

  1. The first edition of the ‘Joy of Sex’ has a special place in my heart. After ‘The New Teenage Body Book’, from which I learned all about the reproductive systems, puberty, and my body, ‘The Joy of Sex’, borrowed from my local library (once I got an adult card, and the nerve to check it out) taught me much about sex. I was a little confused – did I need a man with a big creepy beard? – but it was a good basis to work from.My local library, BTW, also had a copy of the first edition of ‘The Joy of Lesbian Sex’ which was also quite educational. However, we did not have ‘The Joy of Gay Sex’. I’m pretty sure the only reason we had the lesbian sex one was because the head of the library was a raging dyke. 🙂

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