Wonder Woman

Sensation Comics #19 (July 1943)  / Linda Carter, 1975 / 2010

Kink has been seeping into our culture for a very long time now and there are somethings that are more obvious than others. Perfect example: Wonder Woman with her waist chinching bustier, bullet-proof cuffs and lasso of truth there’s a lot of pervy stuff to work with. When you know the background of her inventor it all becomes clear. William Moulton Martson was a psychologist, feminist, and inventor who lived in a polyamrous relationship with his wife Elizabeth and his research assistant Olive Byne. His relationship with these women would influence his development of Wonder Woman. He believed that submission to women was a noble and potentially world saving practice that would lead to the establishment of a ideal matriarchal society.

He once wrote that “erotic love is the emotional source of that all-important social trait, willing submission to other people.” He was convinced that as a political and economic equality became a reality, women could and would use sexual enslavement to achieve domination over men, who would happily submit to their loving authority.  – Wonder Woman: The Complete History by Les Daniels

He also invented the lie detector.


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