K+C soon to be in zine form

I’ve had this blog for  about 6 years now and I’ve been struggling with what it is exactly I want to do with this thing. I still enjoy the casual curatorial aspect of the blog and I like having a platform to say what I want (when I have something to say). But I’m a designer, primarily a print designer and I like making things, tangible things, objects you can hold in your hand. I toyed with the idea of writing a book, but I don’t have the interest (or the time) to do a serious critical analysis on the place BDSM has in a consumer culture or a Taschen-esque picture book of Wonder Woman cartoons and Family Guy stills. I want something permanent and ephemeral at the same time, something substantial but malleable enough I can change it up whenever I get bored.

So, I decided to go back to my folded letter-sized, Xeroxed roots and make a ‘zine; a beautifully designed, inexpensively produced collection of all the things I love all saddle-stitched together.

It will be a quarterly (crossing fingers) journal of art and culture focused on BDSM, kink and sexuality. It could contain essays, photography, fiction, poetry, interviews, and artist projects. It will explore the influence of kink in popular culture and the arts. It will reveal the pervertable in the everyday. It will be a space for writers, artists, activists, thinkers, creators, and educators with a unique perspective on BDSM to show their work and share their ideas.

I want K+C to be a different kind of publication about kink exploring the diversity, complexity and beauty of BDSM and revealing new ways of seeing kink. I’m not exactly sure of the final form, but I’m so excited to see what it could be! If this sounds like a pretty neat idea and you’d like to contribute please follow the submission guidelines below. If you have any questions or would like to chat about it, feel free to drop me a line

Submission guidelines

>  I’m accepting electronic submissions sent to kinkandculture@gmail.com (please include the word “submission” in the subject line of your email).
>  include your real name, the name you prefer to be used in publication, snail-mail and e-mail addresses, phone number, as well as a very short (2-3 sentences) bio.
>  texts can be up to 2,500 words
>  authors should feel free to include relevant images in TIFF, GIF, or JPEG format (max size per attachment is 2 MB). If you didn’t make the image, please make sure you have permission to use it.
>  texts should be submitted as an attachment in Microsoft Word or a file format that can be opened with Word.
>  for artwork and photography please note that it will be printed in one color (not necessarily black), so work should be able to translate to black and white.
>  a brief statement about the work can be included if you think it’s useful.



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