Zine update!


It begins! It’s very satisfying to start putting pen to paper (or mouse to screen?). There are some really fantastic ideas coming in and I’m getting excited. So excited I’m adding another color. And now I have an actual deadline, for real. My goal is to get into Brooklyn Zine Fest http://brooklynzinefest.com/  which is happening in April and the application deadline is the end of January, so it’s coming up. Fast!

I’m pushing the deadline to submit to January 17th, so everyone has a bit more time to do the fabulous things that you do (or to send me something that you’ve already done. no pressure). If you have any questions or want to share an idea feel free to drop me a line!

Submission guidelines / ALL SUBMISSIONS DUE JANUARY 17

  • I’m accepting electronic submissions sent to kinkandculture@gmail.com (please include the word “submission” in the subject line of your email).
  • include your real name, the name you prefer to be used in publication, snail-mail and e-mail addresses, phone number, as well as a very short (2-3 sentences) bio.
  • texts can be up to 2,500 words
  • authors should feel free to include relevant images in TIFF, GIF, or JPEG format (max size per attachment is 2 MB). If you didn’t make the image, please make sure you have permission to use it.
  • texts should be submitted as an attachment in Microsoft Word or a file format that can be opened with Word.
  • artwork should be hi-resolution (300 dpi preferred) TIFF, GIF, or JPEG format.
  • note that it will be printed in two colors, so work should be able to translate to black and white.
  • a brief statement about the work can be included if you think it’s useful.
  • for the moment this is a labor of love and all of this is coming out of my very shallow pockets, so unfortunately I’m unable to pay contributors. You will, however have my undying gratitude and a copy of an awesome zine!

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